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Mekub allows your club to recognise all the contributions made to its success!

  • Do your club's honours sit unseen at the back of your club-house or local pub?
  • Can't afford a new board, Mekub is FREE.
  • Can't afford a sign writer, Mekub is quick and easy to use by YOU.
  • Does your club have a place to recognise the contributions that your members have made over time?
Now your club can join others in having a free collection of honours boards on the web.

No more restrictions on the number of activities you can recognise by the cost of the boards - or the limits of space. You can use your full imagination to recognise all those contributions big and small to your club's success (and if you feel like it, failures as well).

Welcome to the Mekub honours board system, it's FREE, fast and simple to use.

To get your account all you will need is a valid email address and you can start creating honours boards for your club straight away.

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